2018 Forecast

Hi Everyone!

We are very pleased to advise that this year’s harvest is looking good and after recent rains we are anticipating a solid crop of all your favourite Desert Fruit Company varieties.

As you may know, we typically harvest our dates around March or April and ship soon thereafter. Orders will open on a date during this period and we make the announcement via our website and newletter (you can sign up here to be notified!)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and contact us via the website here.

Note regarding ordering:

We do tend to sell out quite quickly so it is not presently possible to pre-order. We are investigating options for pre-ordering in the future and will keep you informed on what we decide. We are committed to getting our delicious product out to all our customers and supporters across Australia (and overseas).

Best regards,

The DFC Team




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