End-of-Season ‘seconds’ Mixed Dates (4.5 kg box) includes domestic postage


These dates are what we live on for the rest of the year. End-of-season dates, or seconds, means that these dates didn’t make the first cut due to either being blemished, too small, odd shaped or coloured etc. Every year, when we look back at these dates, we wonder why they were seconds in the first place – the quality is still that good. These dates are a lot drier, and nice and chewy. They are great for eating as is, processing or cooking. The mix is about 40% Medjool, 40% Barhee and the remainder a mix of other varieties. We do one final sort before boxing and then they are good to go.

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  1. Jennifer Mackenzie

    Loved all the varieties I got last time. Are there some to buy 2 boxes please if possible.
    So yummy

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