University of Sydney – PhD Research

University of NSW date palm genetics research
The University of Sydney – PhD Research

PhD candidate Ahmed Al najm is a is a student of Basrah University in but undertaking his PhD at the University of Sydney through a scholarship funded by the Iraqi government. He is working on the  molecular, morpho-anatomical and biochemical analysis of the zygotic and somatic embryogenesis in a number of date palm varieties. Ahmed will also carry out a genetic diversity study and identify molecular markers to differentiate between the different varieties of date palm.

Ahmed visited our farm with his supervisor Nabil Ahmad to collect leaf, sucker and flower samples to assist him in his research.

We are very excited for this opportunity to be involved in date palm research and look forward to working with Ahmed and Nabil over the next four years.

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  1. excellent work…am really impressed..this is also similar to research work am about to do on date palm in Nigeria…am a plant breeder research station in Nigeria…please I need an assistance especially in sex differentiation…tanx alot

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