Varieties on our farm

Barhee (khalal)

barhee smallUnlike other varieties of dates grown on our farm, barhee dates lack astringency or unpleasant tannin flavours at the khalal (yellow) stage of ripeness. Instead, they are deliciously crunchy with a texture akin to an apple or nashi pear. Their flavour is sweet, caramel with a slight coconut after taste. The fruit is almost completely round, firm and yellow. Khalal barhee need to be freighted and stored refrigerated otherwise they will perish quickly (much like other fresh fruits).


Barhee (rutab)

datesbarheeOriginally from Basra, Iraq, rutab barhee are round, translucent and soft with a mellow honey-caramel flavour. The skin is slightly papery and separates from the flesh as they dry. Perfect for a snack, barhee dates are one of our favourites for eating just as they are.


Bou Fergus

datesboufergusWe are not sure why the name bou fergus means ‘father of the cucumber’ but these are medium, soft dates with an interesting tessellated pattern on one end.


Bou Skry

datesbouskryBou skry dates are small and soft with an almost greenish hue when first harvested. They have a distinctive flavour that is stronger than many of our other varieties.


Bou Strami

datesboustramiBou Strami are lovely, small dates, almost black in colour with a dense, fruity flavour.

NB As we only have one tree each of the bou varieties we are unable to sell these dates by the box. Instead, we disperse them through some of our mixed punnets which we sell at the Todd Mall Markets in Alice Springs.


Deglet Noor

Deglet Noor dates are said to have originated in the seventeenth century in the Algerian Sahara. The fruit is deep reddish brown and elongated. The flesh is firm but sweet and has an almost vanilla flavour. Deglet noor is one of our drier varieties of dates and its sweetness is not overpowering.



dateshalawiMeaning ‘sweet’, halawi dates are another variety originating in Iraq. The fruit is a light amber colour, elongated and slightly wrinkled. The flesh is soft and has a subtle caramel flavour. Halawi dates are an excellent table date but can also be used as a natural sweetener when a strong date flavour is not required.



dateskhadrawiKhadrawi dates are an old variety with distinctively small fruit. These dates are dark, very soft and have a deep molasses flavour. They are great eaten just as they are but are also excellent in cooking where a distinctive date flavour is desired.



Khalas means ‘quintessence’ or ‘choice’ and these fleshy, deep amber dates have been held in high regard both in the Persian Gulf and in other date growing nations such as the USA. The fruit is a reddish cinnamon brown, roundish, soft and moist. The flavour is distinctive but not over powering, sweet and rich.



datesmedjoolMost Australian date lovers are familiar with this large, fleshy, juicy date. Originating from Morocco, the flavour is sweet, mildly rich and smooth and the fruit is deep brown, moderately wrinkled and translucent. Medjool dates are a fantastic eating date and also great in smoothies or cooking as they are easy to pit and puree.



datesthoryThory dates are said to have originated at the border of the Sahara, south of the Atlas Mountains. The name thory means ‘the bull’s date’ and the trees, fronds and bunches are certainly massive. The fruit is a light amber brown, oblong and wrinkled. Thory dates are our driest variety of date. The flesh is firm and chewy with a pleasant nutty flavour. Thory dates are not as sweet as some of our other varieties of dates and our a great option for hiking and camping as they are light and travel well.



dateszahidiZahidi dates are widespread in the Middle East and it is said that they are one of the varieties from which all others have been cultivated. The fruit is straw coloured, relatively small and the flesh is firm and chewy with a smooth consistency.